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Do you accept trade-ins?2023-03-15T12:38:26-05:00

Yes, we do accept trade-ins.

Can I take the vehicle to my mechanic to be inspected?2023-03-15T12:38:26-05:00

Absolutely you can!

Do your used cars, trucks or SUVs come with a warranty?2023-03-15T12:38:26-05:00

No, all of our vehicles are sold AS-IS.

Why are your vehicles so inexpensive?2023-03-15T12:38:26-05:00

Simply put, because that’s what we do. We are a volume store.

Can I pay with my credit card?2023-03-15T12:38:26-05:00

Yes, however there is a 3.25% processing fee assessed.

Are you a Buy here, Pay here dealership?2023-03-15T12:38:26-05:00


A buy here, pay here dealership offers in-house financing and you make your payment directly to the dealership. We do NOT offer this type of payment.

Do you offer Financing?2023-03-15T12:38:26-05:00


However if you need financing we would recommend you go through whatever financial institution you normally finance with. If you do not have one, then try American 1 Credit Union.

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